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LF cancer and amnesia info.

Searches(for cancer and amnesia):,, searches on yahoo and google.

Setting:Present. Denver, Colorado.

I'm working on a piece for my fiction writing class and I'm in need of some info.

My character has lymphoma.

My knowledge about anything pertaining to cancer is very limited.

1.I know chemotherapy is set up on a rotation but I don't really know what that means. I'm assuming if you're on, say, a 12 day rotation you get chemo every 12 days, but for how long? A year?  A couple of years?

2.How is it decided how long your rotation will last and when it will stop? And how is it decided what kind of chemo rotation you'll be on?

3.When does bone marrow transplant become an option? What happens(concerning cancer treatment) after you've had a bone marrow transplant? 

4.Is age important? How much does the time of diagnosis(when it's diagnosed, late or early) matter?

5.What kind of  effect does chemotherapy usually have on patients?

6.How does drug use complicate/effect treatent and/or the illess itself?(my character uses desoxyn)

I'm not even sure what kind of questions I should be asking so if theres any other info you have that you think would be helpful I'll take it. Also if you can recommend any websites that are a good source for cancer info.

7. Is there some kind of rule pertaining to what you can tell a person suffering from Dissociative Amnesia?

ETA: I wanted to go to everyone and replied but I elised i just be saying the same thing over & over which is: Thanks so much for all the help, I was really stuck before I came here so, again thank you all.
Tags: usa: colorado, ~medicine: illnesses: cancers, ~psychology & psychiatry: amnesia

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