Oh, Snap! (kutsuwamushi) wrote in little_details,
Oh, Snap!


If you haven't read the rules in a while, then you probably want to do so before you post. Here are the ones that are being forgotten a lot lately:

* Posts must have a subject line related to the question. Imagine someone browsing the archives looking for your post and use a subject line that will help them.

* Attempt to research your question. This means a Google search at a bare minimum. And then include at least some your search terms! This is to (a) prove you actually tried, and (b) to tell us what didn't work so we can try something different.

* Include setting. This means time and place. "Contemporary USA," "fantasy based on the European middle ages," and so on. How specific do you need to be? Use common sense.

I will reject posts that break these rules. Lately I've only been rejecting posts that break more than one, but to be honest, it takes me less time to reject a post than to approve it and then leave a comment asking it to be edited, and I'm lazy. Don't tempt me.

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