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Child Protective Services, and a child's rights with a medical exam

The fic I'm writing takes place in the early 90s, the school suspects a young boy 15 of being abused [torn stitches in his shoulder is what alerted them] CPS takes the boy to the hospital in order to have him fully examined. The problem I'm running across is I don't know what they would do, that being the CPS Agent and the doctor, if the boy refused to be looked at, or at the very least wasn't going to make the examination easy.

Would they simply let it slide? force the issue?

Any suggestions/information would be very helpful.

This is my first time asking a question on this community, I'll admit right off the bat that I haven't done much research on this problem, but that's simply because I haven't the faintest idea where to look. If I knew someone in the medical field I'd be asking them. As it stands I'm hoping someone in this community has the knowledge that I'm looking for.

I'll thank you all in advance.
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