Sarah Kjrsten (sarahkjrsten) wrote in little_details,
Sarah Kjrsten

16th century terms of endearment? + Bonus question

Setting: November 1589: England (county of Huntington)--November 13th if anyone wants to be perfectly exact.

Search terms used: 16th century terms of endearment, affectionate 16th century names, 16th century nicknames

Question: What are some names that a mother would use when speaking to her very ill daughter, much like a mother in 21st century America might use "Sweetie" "Darling" or "Pumpkin"?

Bonus question: I want to find out everything I can about Robert Throckmorton, his wife, and six children. Google searches are only bringing up the Witches of Warboys pamphlet that I already have. Does anyone have any advice on how to better refine my search?

Thank you!
Tags: 1500-1599, ~names

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