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compensated dating (enjo kosai) in contemporary Japan

I’m planning to write a story about a teenage Japanese girl practicing enjo kosai. First  I need to know what kinds of services are actually exchanged.

I’ve read up on the basics, but I'm looking for more along the lines of the first article on this page, something that’s a lot more personal and descriptive. Because I can’t have a Japanese perspective on the matter, I’d like to learn what I can about it from the web (of course, the printed word is equally acceptable, if anyone has a good title to refer to me).

Most of the articles I’ve read skim over or don’t incorporate the views of the girls, and tend to see a problem in the practice. While I don’t necessarily disagree, I’m not trying to write a moral story.  Anything that can give me a sense of what these girls do, and the environment its conducted in (i.e. what places Japanese high school girls frequent, and what school and home life is like for them), would be extremely helpful.  In other words, I have very, very broad questions about Japanese life,  but these are not the questions that need immediate answering.

I’ve googled ‘conpensated dating japan’ and ‘enjo kosai’. I've looked fairly into each one, and it definitely helped a lot, but I'm still left with two blunt questions:

Other than finding more personal accounts of enjo-kosai, I’d like to know how it really is perceived in Japan. I’ve read different views ranging from flat-out prostitution to an innocent way for teenage girls to earn money. I figure it's somewhere in between, but where? I’d also like to know how much of the time sex is actually involved. This is important. My character wouldn’t willingly engage in any sexual activity, but I want to know whether this is idealistic or not – this excluding the danger of consorting with older strangers. Could she still sell herself, realistically, without selling sex?  I don’t want to portray the issue lightly, but I don’t want to make this a serious, cutting portrayal of teen prostitution, either. My story wouldn't work with the latter, which is why it's important that I ask before jumping in.
Thanks in advance for any help or links you can give me. :)
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