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stables on a ranch

Hello, everybody!

I'm writing a story that takes place on a ranch in Wyoming.  They have about 30 horses.  I can't find any information on what the *inside* of the stables look like!  My critique group had a big debate on whether there would be a tack room.  How would the horses be set up?  What else would be inside that I'm missing?

Everything I've searched for has told me what the stables are made of and how to regulate the temperature, but there's nothing about the internal design.  So, if you know what the inside of a stable looks like, even if you're not in Wyoming, please help!!

Searched:  inside stables, horses, tack rooms, and other similar terms.


Edit:  Present day, sorry.  And they are working horses, not show horses.  Tthe responses so far have been GREAT.  Thank you SO MUCH.

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