mathilde (calliopesongs) wrote in little_details,


i am writing a short story in which one of the main characters is a contortionist in a circus. the setting is not present day, but the time frame isn't specified and is not set in stone. i'd say 1920's-1930's if i had to guess. i'd also say it will likely be set in america, but again, not set in stone. the character is a woman.

googling "contortionist" and "contortionism" turned up names for a few specific skills such as a "human knot" (a frontbending move). i'm looking for more specific skill names like that, movements i can familiarize myself with enough to describe. i have the basic categories but am searching for particulars.

i'm also wondering if there was any specific costume for female contortionists in the stated time period. googling the terms above turned up a wide variety of costumes, and image searching for "contortionist 1920's" turned up little.

thank you.
Tags: ~fairs carnivals & circuses

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