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Medieval Al-Andalus and mystics/scholars

This has been bothering me but fiercely, and I hope someone here can help. About two months ago, I was researching medieval Spain under the Moors for an alternate history story idea, and somehow I managed to leap from something involving the brilliant muslim scholars (perhaps of Cordoba? I dunno) of the day to a group of people that my notes are calling "tasawr." All I have to go with is that they are supposed to be "scholars and mystics", and it's absurdly frustrating because now I have no idea where I found this information.

I've searched "tasawr", "tasawr mystic", "Islamic mystics scholars", "al-Andalus scholars", "Moorish scholarship", "Moorish mysticism", "sufis", "sufi mysticism", "sufi philosophy" and a few other derivations thereof. All I've discovered is that 'tasawr' in and of itself is probably some sort of alternate spelling, and it might be related to Sufism.

If you can help me find out what exactly it is, that would be stunningly amazing. If anyone can help me find how I found it, that would be even more awesome. At this point, I'm not sure the group's even contempory to the Caliphate at Cordoba, and I need a context. Unfortunately, I can't read Arabic or Spanish, so a number of my resources are automatically out.

Thanks for whatever turns up!
Tags: spain: history, ~middle ages, ~religion: islam

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