Fanaatikko monessa suhteessa (vampirenaomi) wrote in little_details,
Fanaatikko monessa suhteessa

British trial procedures

Where: Britain (England)
When: modern day

I need to know how a normal trial in Britain would go, and I'm particularly interested in how it differs from the US system. I don't need the whole thing since the scene is only a flash into the trial, but I need to know if the defence can start a minor argument with the witness and whether the prosecution can object to that (I don't even know if British courts work like that, and I wouldn't want to turn it into Phoenix Wright with the objections). How active would the judge be?

I've searched for "british courtroom", "british trial procedures" and various combinations. I even considered referring to TV, but the only courtroom scene I could find was in Hercule Poirot. I did find a promising study about differences between British/American procedures, but I would have had to order it to read past the abstract.

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