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Legs smashed with a sledgehammer

I can see this community being very useful. Often I ask random people about things for stories, and they just look at me funny. So - on with the burning questions.

So, the scenario. A 15 year old girl, promising ballet dancer is kidnapped by a psychopath. He smashes her legs with a sledgehammer. He really goes to town, femurs, knees, tibia/fibula, ankles, feet. Afterwards, for about 3 weeks, she's kept drugged up on painkillers and sedatives. I'd say she gets some minimal topical care for any open wounds. This scenario is set nowish.

So, the questions -
- What's the likelihood of this NOT resulting in any compound fractures?
- Is 3 weeks enough time for bones to start healing again. My premise is essentially because she hasn't been treated immediately, the bones fuse back all wrong, if it was treatable it would at least require the bones to be rebroken to reset them again properly (and this doesn't happen).
- Is this survivable? - I'm pretty confident it's a yes. She'd possibly die of shock if it wasn't for being drugged up to the eyeballs. I'm going to say she's been lucky and hasn't suffered from any infections or septaceamia or anything like that.
- How would the legs look after this?
- Would she be able to use the legs again? Would she limp? Have a cane? Walk on crutches? Or be fully wheelchair bound?
- If later she has operations and/or physiotherapy - what would be required, and what level of mobility would she be able to regain?

Research so far

- Well, I've studied biology myself, so I have little ideas of what could happen. But my speciality was ecology and animals, not human medicine/surgery.
- I Googled things like "broken bones fused wrong" and other things like that and really didn't come up with anything specific enough for my needs.
- I just had a conversation on mIRC, which actually brought up a few good points, but none of us were doctors.

Thanks for your help!
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: broken bones

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