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immigration to america in the late 19th century

setting of story: The characters are originally from a small town in Germany (somewhere near Berlin), but eventually they'll be emigrating to New York City, America. I'm thinking about having them move out to the Midwest, too, but I'm digressing.

research: I've google'd variations of 'ship fare', 'german immigrants', 'ellis island', 'new york', '19th century america', etc. I've also looked in the community's tags.

specifics of question: Basically, I'm trying to write a fanfic in which three German kids (one girl, two boys) run away from their families to America. I'd really like to know what kind of transportation they could use to get to a port city (train is the most likely bet, and I'd like suggestions on which city I should use; my Google-fu turns up Hamburg, but my Google-fu is ridiculously weak they could travel as far as Amsterdam, I suppose, if they had to?), the money they'd need for a ship ride to New York, what late 19th century New York is like exactly (particularly in Ellis Island, or in any European sectors/blocs(?) of the city), and how long the journey might take.

Additionally, what kinds of jobs will three teenage German immigrants be able to take in America? They're 15-16 years old, but this is tentative--I might be aging them up to 18, if it's more convenient. All of them are intelligent--they studied Latin and, it seems, precalculus(?) in school--but they're really adverse to the idea of attending school in America. Would they run into trouble on the streets? What kind of semi-cheap housing does 19th-century NYC have?

...Basically, any help on 1890's-era NYC and immigration facts would be greatly welcomed! and if anyone could guess what fandom I'm trying to write for, well~♥
Tags: germany: history, usa: new york: new york city

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