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Analgesic herb that induces sleep

Googled: analgesic herb, herbal analgesics, herbal painkiller, natural painkiller, herbal sedative
little_details tags: medicine: knockin' em out, medicine: premodern, medicine: historical

It's 1700 or before, in some vague Caucasian-dominated setting, and Rapunzel's mama has aching bones. She needs something for pain relief she could put in her tea--preferably something she could grow in her garden, or at least something found in the marsh at the base of the tower. The catch is, it needs to be strong enough for Rapunzel to sneak extra doses into mama's tea and knock her out.

I have found a lot of natural remedies that seem to be too wussy to knock anyone out (willow bark, skullcap, etc.), and while Valerian seems strong enough, it doesn't appear to have been used for anything BUT knocking people out. They don't have a lot of room in their garden, so they're only going to grow things they specifically need.

Any suggestions?

...If I can't find a drug that's properly strong enough to induce sleep, I'll need to make up a name. If you can't think of an herb that fits my requirements, feel free to throw me some cool-sounding -wort names that aren't taken yet! ;)
Tags: ~medicine: historical, ~medicine: knocking 'em out

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