The Mezzanine (deird1) wrote in little_details,
The Mezzanine

Words used by an army colonel in WW1

Not entirely sure how to phrase this question...

This character is was (and sort of still is) an army colonel in the first world war (from either England or America).

Would he be on the battlefield, and what would he be doing?
More importantly: what kind of stuff would he be saying on the battlefield? What sounds would he associate with it? And what phrases would he be likely to yell out at someone?

I don't need him to say (or hear) anything specific. I just need a whole bunch of noises and sentences that would be associated with the army in world war one, so that someone hearing them might be able to recognise where they're from.
Actually, stuff said in training, or in the barracks (are they barracks?) would be just as helpful.

...hopefully that makes some kind of sense.
Tags: ~military (misc), ~world war i

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