All bad poetry springs from genuine feeling- Wilde (windowscreen) wrote in little_details,
All bad poetry springs from genuine feeling- Wilde

Mods and Rockers

I was wondering whether the subject of labeling, being labeled, aversion to being labeled, necessity of having a label, was something that young people in 1960's Britain thought and/or spoke of.
Were the mods, rockers, early skinheads, hippies, so easy to differentiate from each other?
Did they strive to stick out from the rest as much as possible?
Did the question of labels ever really come up? At all?
Was the press coverage of the mods and rockers only choosing the most extreme examples of both to showcase, use as scapegoats, and attack?

I've googled and wikied mods, rockers, 1960's Britain, and labels.
Tags: 1960-1969, uk: history (misc), ~music

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