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Myths/Folk tales with memory loss a central theme

Setting: In the here and now.
Search: a combination of myths + memory loss, ancient myths + memory and a combination of all of them with similar words.

I’m writing a story where one of the main characters claims he murders because he’s possessed by a ghost looking for their lost memories. At the end of the story, I’d like the other main character to tell them a story about some ancient myth involving the loss of memories.

What I’m looking for are folk tales and/or ancient myths where someone loses their memory [or really something that I could equate or adapt to the loss of memory, ie they lost their soul or something] preferably as a consequence for great cruelty.

Additionally, if anything involves human sacrifice then that would be especially nifty [the main character who kills has sometimes practiced cannibalism of his victims]

EDIT: Thanks so much for the quick responses, I meant to add that I'm trying to avoid Greek mythology only because it seems to be the one that gets used so often and I'd like to have something a little different.
Tags: ~folklore (misc)

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