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Russian pet names for siblings

Okay, I'm writing a story that involves two brothers. One's 15, the other's 12. Alexei is the older, Dima the younger. I need 3 things:

1: Something that a younger brother would call an older brother. A nickname or endearment. Dima looks up to his brother as his hero, and it'd be nice if the term could reflect that, but honestly, at this point I'll take anything

2: Something that an older brother would call a younger brother. Another term of endearment, if you will.The boys are very close, and the older is very protective of the younger. So far, the only term I know of is Zaika, and I'm not sure if Dima, being 12, is too old for that? You can call boys Zaika, right?

(I'm sorry for my absolute density. The only person I can ask about these things is a twelve year old girl from Belarus who is only in America for six weeks out of a year and doesn't speak enough english for me to really express to her what I'm trying to ask for. Good grief, I don't even speak enough english for me to express what I'm asking for! And it's my mother tongue!)

3: Correct me if I'm wrong: A tender, diminutive form of Dima would be somewhere along the lines of 'Dimichka, or Dimochka'? And a tender, diminutive form of Alexei is 'Alyoshka, or Alyeshen'ka'? Which is more commonly used? Or is there another that I don't know about?

Ok, so can anybody help me? I'm deperate. I've googled EVERYTHING I could think of, and I still can't find anything. If anyone could help me out, I'd be so so so thankful.

Spaciba, in advance!



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