Daisy (xfeagen) wrote in little_details,

Achilles tendon injury in Viking

I have a big, tough, war hardened Viking around abouts in the 1100's.

He's been in a ton of battles before, and knows how to handle himself. He's a Viking "prince", if you will, and is probably one of the better warriors out on the battle field. One day, while he's happily slicing and dicing the enemy's army, he gets slashed across his right calf and ankle in a sort of diagonal way. It messes up his Achilles tendon, but doesn't completely tear it to shreds, as it's a rather superficial wound.

My questions: Is this possible, first of all? I want the tendon damaged, but I don't want the leg completely useless, either. Scarring, limping, and chronic pain are all spiffing! :D

Also, keeping in mind that medicine is pretty primitive at this point, and assuming my scenario is indeed possible, what would the wound look like when it's healed, aside from the scar from the actual wound? I had sort of pictured random little lumps of muscle not where they should be, and sort of hard to notice unless you happen to be studying both of his legs together. However, I'm not exactly a doctor, so I don't know! XD

Thanks in advance! :333
Tags: ~medicine: historical, ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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