of a truant disposition (hello_scorpling) wrote in little_details,
of a truant disposition

I'm writing a fanfiction for the manga Blade of the Immortal, a story taking place in Edo period Japan. One of the characters have worked as a geisha and is a skilled shamisen player and singer (with her weapon hidden in her instrument. Naturally).

I want to write a scene with her singing and accompanying herself, but since I'm not very familiar with traditional japanese culture or music at all, I'm having some problems.

My question: Can I find translated Nagauta lyrics anywhere on the net, and preferable some audio clips or downloads as well?

I have tried googling nagauta, shamisen, geisha musicians, kabuki etc, but mostly ended up with descriptions of how the genre evolved and reviews of books that would be very useful if I could afford bying heavy volumes just to write a silly fic. I've also searched through the music section of the city library. Nothing useful there.

I'd love to be able to include parts of the lyrics into the text and be able to describe her performance in more detail, as it's a crucial part to the scene.

Anything else you can tell me about Nagauta when not performed on the Kabuki stage but in more informal settings would be very useful as well. Thanks beforehand!
Tags: japan: history, ~languages: japanese, ~music

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