The Doctor (pisica) wrote in little_details,
The Doctor

Fairy tale about blindness needed

Help! I really need a Grimm fairy tale in which blindness is a crucial part of the plot, but neither my memory nor Google is coming up with anything (except blind mice and that is not helpful).

I *really* want a blind princess, or failing that a queen. I found that Italo Calvino's collection of Italian folk tales has one called Three Blind Queens, but for various reasons I need the Brothers Grimm (or a German folktale).

If I can't find anything I'll adapt TBQ but any suggestions will be welcomed.

ETA: I'm going with Rapunzel, and there are additional blind people in Cinderella (in some versions) and Hansel and Gretel. Thanks!
Tags: ~blindness, ~folklore (misc)
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