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Federal scholarships for orphans in the USA?

Setting: NY, 2003
Summary: An American friend of mine told me that there was some sort of federal support for orphans (even if only of one parent) to go to college. For the story I'm writing I need to know a few more details, starting with what this scholarship/support would comprise, how to get it, how to find out about it (I was at the Federal Scholarships site and wasn't particularly enlightened), if it's in any way dependent on the grades, and other relevant facts.
Searches: Google => federal scholarships orphans
I found several sites for this but none of them confirmed that all you needed was to be orphan from one parent to get federal money. I actually don't care where the money comes from - I see that the American Orphan Association also gives scholarships depending on eligibility and grades. The kid in my story still has a father who is in jail and has good grades but a history of problems at school - fights. Would he be able to get some money at all, from anyone?
Tags: usa: education: higher education

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