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Death of Prison Inmate's Family + Lutheran Funerals

Attempted search terms: "family of criminals funerals", "Lutheran funerals", California Department of Corrections visitor's website, Wikipedia articles on funerals and Lutheranism.

Setting is California, a bit in the future but with a good deal of things that seem similar to today's laws and such.

I have a character with a brother in jail in California. Let's call the character A and the imprisoned brother B. B is in prison on two counts of murder, so he may or may not be on Death Row, it's never stated. A commits suicide (actually with one of the things B used to murder someone, he broke into the evidence locker and stole it - it's poison).

Would B be allowed to go to A's funeral? A is in his mid twenties and B is in his early thirties, if that makes any difference. Also, there isn't really any other family, at least none that would come to A's funeral. A was famous, so there would be a good deal of press and fans at the funeral (or at least attempting to be there).

Would B be allowed, but only with a guard? He's not a violent inmate - he's treated rather well at the prison, and he's only really shown psychopathic behavior (in public) a few times. Or would a judge rule that this is completely unacceptable?

Next question: These two were raised vaguely Lutheran, but don't really practice at all. I'm... uncertain as to what the funeral would be like. The main thing I'm wondering about is about open casket versus closed casket, or if there would be anything really of note besides there being a few prayers, maybe a eulogy or two. I've... actually only been to a few Jewish funerals, which is why I'm asking.

Thank you very much!
Tags: usa: government: prison, ~funerals, ~religion: christianity (misc)

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