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Dialogue check: preflight squadron check by flight commander

I'm in need of search terms, or better yet a good example of the preflight dialogue, for the following scenario:

World War II, U.S. Army Air Corps.

A flight of 9 C-47 troop transport aircraft is preparing to take off for a paratrooper drop mission. From movies and common knowledge only I am aware of some sort of pre-flight checklist the lead pilot goes through. In my particular scenario, the lead pilot on this plane is the major commanding the entire mission. The planes are "grouped" in three sets of three. How would he radio the other planes to check on their readiness? An all-systems-go-everybody sort of conversation?

The actual dialogue is very short and is confined to this particular scene. My current placeholder dialogue is as follows:

"Flight one, this is Major A———: status, over."

"All planes report ready, over."

"Roger. Flight two, this is the lead plane, status, over."

"Flight two planes good to go, over."

"Roger that."

The only thing I could think of to search was "preflight + checklist + C-47".

Thanks! (originally posted to military_beta but this comm gets better traffic and i need the draft done by thursday.)

For reference, the actual event:
Tags: usa: military: historical, ~world war ii

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