Tamanna (swingandswirl) wrote in little_details,

Living with paraplegia: sex, drugs, and government jobs

So, I have a character who I need to paralyse below the waist, or, preferably, just let him lose motor control of his legs via an unnamed combination of drugs (exactly what isn't important to the plot) that end up his taking away his motor control. Is there a plausible way for me to do this?

What kind of sex life would this guy be able to have? All the information I've been able to find is for people with spinal cord injuries, not merely paralysis of the legs. Assuming that he only did lose motor control of his legs, would he be able to function normally, in a sexual sense at least? And even if the spinal cord is injured, what are the chances of him being able to have/maintain an erection long enough for normal intercourse? Also, he's gay. Would the mechanics of gay sex as a paraplegic produce any unique challenges?

Finally, my character is an FBI Agent who was injured in the line of duty. I've googled 'FBI','paralysis', and 'disability' in just about every combination I can think of, and nada. Would he be able to continue working in the FBI in any capacity at all? Before his injury, he was a field agent and the team jock; however, he's smart, analytical and very likely has enough skill with a computer to become a technician. Would he be able to stay with the Bureau or be forced to quit on account of his disability?

Tags: usa: government: law enforcement: fbi, ~medicine: paralysis, ~sex

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