Robert Di Ammazzi ✖ Death (animus_nocendi) wrote in little_details,
Robert Di Ammazzi ✖ Death


So, first time post here.  And yes, I'm using a character journal; it happens to be the one I check most.

So anyway, a couple questions about a car:

First, I'm wondering if anyone is enough of a gearhead to know this.  I'd like to know specifically what year model this car is.  Obviously, it's somewhere between '64 and '70, but which year specifically?

And my next question is easier.  I know automatic transmission is available on these cars, but I think manual transmission was preferred up until recently and it's probably preferred on muscle cars, but I'm just assuming this on my own experience.  My question is thus:  Would the owner of this Mustang be more likely to have an automatic or manual transmission?
Tags: ~cars

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