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Names of companies, platoons, squads, fireteams - Marines - Vietnam War

Okay. This doesn't need to be 'historically' accurate, but 'procedurally', if that makes sense. I've got Echo Company of the 2nd Marines, 1st Battalion. Basically - Echo 2/1. *An actual unit.*

Now, according to my research, a company is this (edited for brevity):
A fire team consists of four Marines.
A squad is made up of three fire teams.
A rifle platoon consists of three squads.
A rifle company consists of three rifle platoons.

So, you have Echo company, and under that, three platoons and nine squads. I'm going to assume that each platoon and each squad has a name. Very possibly each fire team, as well, if only to make it easier to give orders/call on the radio, etc.

My question is - how are the various elements within the company named? Something like 'Alpha, Bravo, Charlie' or something like '1st, 2nd, 3rd' or what, exactly?

US Marine unit, set during the Vietnam War, incountry.
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