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Tracking location of cell phone in Great Britian

Searched: Various permutations of 'cell phone tracing', cell phone location tracking', 'cell phone GPS tracking' etc.

And found out that nowadays it's pretty easy to track a cell phone location if they have a GPS built into it. And that putting GPS into phones was strongly encoraged/required in America after 911. Alas, that doesn't quite answer my questions.

I need to know if GPS enabled phones are required/universal in Wales/Great Britian and if you bought a cheap phone from a five-and-dime type store, would it have GPS? If you were spesifically looking for a phone that *didn't* have GPS, could you find it?

Also, if someone calls your phone number and they get your voicemail because you don't pick up the phone - have they pinged your phone or have they hit the phone service providers message system. In other words, if somone calls your phone and someone else is monitoring, does that call reach the target phone or is it halted in the mysteirous 'voicemail' land?

Tags: ~technology: phones
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