The Cyber bard (cyber_bard_) wrote in little_details,
The Cyber bard

Sudden death by accident - personality change.

Setting: Harry Potter universe, which is only relevant because of the possibility of using a necromantic ritual to make a dead person live again.

I'm here to order a injury/death. Hope anyone can help me, please.

The character to die (and live again), is a 16 year old student, and dancer. Thus, so-said boy is very agile and fit. I need my character to die in an non-magical accident, which would be easy enough for me to find, I suppose, if only I didn't have a few criteria.

1) The body in question should have to be in good condition. I want him to be able to move, breathe, think, study, and most importantly, dance like he used to. I can't have him being burnt to a crisp either. He just needs to die, suddenly, because of a very stupid accident that would have either brother or father actually do the necromantic ritual. (I'm thinking more the brother, as it is possible they were doing something extremely forbidden by their parents.)

2) Is it even possible for him to have a depression, become bi polar, change personalities or to have horrible mood swings after being brought back to life again without this involving a brain injury? Or are brain injuries the only way to go with this?

If anyone could point me into a direction, I'd be grateful, because as it stands, I have no specifics and it proving to be a rather important part of the characters backgrounds.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries to order, ~psychology & psychiatry (misc)

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