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Promotion time in the US Army and uniform protocol for vets

I have a character who graduated from West Point before going into the Rangers. I know that there's a minimum in-service time before he can be promoted- will his time as a cadet count for any portion of that? For example, the minimum time for qualification into the Special Forces is four and a half years- would he be able to qualify with less, based on his time at West Point? (if it matters, he was a Cadet First Captain in school and has had positions of responsibilty ever since.) Is the minimum time in-service set in stone?

Second question: Are the Army 'service green' uniforms distinct from the 'dress greens'? Wikipedia is confusing the hell out of me on this issue. If someone could let me know which uniforms a First Lieutenant in the Army in 2004 was required to have, I would be very grateful.

Finally: What is the protocol for Army vets regarding their uniforms? Would it be acceptable, for example, for a vet to wear his dress blues on his wedding day or at a memorial service on Veteran's Day?

Thanks in advance!

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