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New Orleans Cliches

I'm revisiting my first novel, which was set in New Orleans shortly before Katrina. (I can't think of any way to handle Katrina fairly and sensitively, so I'll somehow make it clear that this was before.)

I've been to New Orleans many times and know my way around all parts of the city pretty well. However, I'm not as familiar with *bad* New Orleans fiction since I've mainly read the better ones like A Confederacy of Dunces. I don't want to repeat any of the worst cliches of New Orleans fiction, so I was hoping people here who've lived there or read a lot of NOLA fiction could tell me what they thought the worst cliches were. Alternately, if there is anything a writer could put in a story set in New Orleans that would make you feel like the writer really got it, what would it be?

I pretty much know to avoid anything you see in most tourist brochures, not to stick just to the French Quarter, not to attempt dialect, to be sensitive when dealing with race, and to avoid Emeril at all costs. I don't think I can get around using some of the more "spooky" cliches (sorry), but I want to avoid the worst of the worst.

Thanks in advance! I may not go through responses until tomorrow, but I do appreciate anybody who has any suggestions. :)
Tags: usa: louisiana

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