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Results of car crashes

I've tried Googling various things for this, such as 'leg injuries', 'back injuries', 'results of car crashes' and so on, but none of it has been very fruitful.

Basically, I'm trying to think of some injuries for my character. He will be involved in a car crash, and will be the person behind the wheel. It doesn't particularly matter what sort of car it is, but it'd be a good quality, reasonably new car. Before the crash he'd be in excellent physical condition, a lot of muscle and athleticism, and in his late twenties. As for injuries, I'm thinking either something leg or back related but I'm very open. And that's where you guys (hopefully) come in!

I really want him to have some kind of injury that'll require extensive physiotherapy and hard work, and severely impede his mobility for a while, with the very real possibility that the injury will never completely heal. Chronic pain for some time after the accident would be fine, and some mild scarring would be fabulous. The thing is, I don't know what sort of injury/injuries could have these effects, or what sort of car crash would cause them - whether he'd be trapped in the vehicle afterwards, whether he'd be thrown clear, etc. Any help would be very much appreciated!
Tags: ~car accidents, ~medicine: injuries to order

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