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Married Women studying at University during the late 1950s/Early 60s in the US

Basically what the title says! - in Northern California specifically.

I seem to recall a movie "Mona Lisa Smile", I think, where it was a rather big plot point that married women couldn't study at University.

I have a couple in my story who enter University in 1956 and originally I was going to have them get married in 1958, when they're half way through their studies. I started wondering how feasible that would be financially and then I remembered that movie and wondered if married women could even continue their studies back then.

Google hasn't proved too helpful here, although I have found out that married women weren't allowed to teach at Universities during this period.

So basically, I'm just trying to find out if that movie was taking liberties with history for the sake of plot, or if it was only specific to certain Universities or if there were exceptions etc.

Edited to add the country (whoops I had to forget something didn't I!)
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