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SAT requirements for adult student (almost)

Time: present day (2008)
Place: USA

Character: a 23-year old woman, separating from the USAF

Already searched: "SATs," +SAT +"adult student", 'SAT retake', SAT +veterans (I had no idea test prep materials were free to vets - nice!), and been all over the College Boards website, the SATs wiki entry and a series of university and college websites.

The situation is thus: my character took the SATs in 2003, so before the addition of the essay section in 2005. She scored somewhat below excellent (not a scholarly type), and ended up going into the Air Force instead. She (thinks she) is leaving the Air Force soon, and is starting to figure out all the requirements for college as an adult.

The main question: Does she have to retake the SATs? Does she have the option to retake them, even if it's not mandatory? If she does retake the test, would the scores average, or since the test has changed in the meantime, would the new score replace the old?

Or would it all be specific to the school/program she'd apply to? Most universities and colleges I looked at have 25 years old as the lower cutoff for an adult student, so she doesn't qualify under those programs. Would there be a difference if she were applying for an Associates rather than a Bachelors Degree? (I'm not American, so I don't have experience with your college/university systems at all.)

Any help on any of the above questions would be much appreciated. It's not a huge part of the plot, but I don't want to look like an utter tool by talking about the American system from the point of view of an American and bunging it all up.
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