kathleenbradean (kathleenbradean) wrote in little_details,

Parts of a barge and deckhand duties

The vessel I'm seeking information on is a modern day dry cargo barge on the Mississippi

Correct terms would be most welcome.

When they get to a dock and take on or leave cargo, what is the name of the section holding the cargo? (Individual containers and the entire flat or barge or whatever it's called that the containers are on.)

How are those sections lashed to the rest of the barge. I think it's by cables, but I can't find a schematic for how it works. Do those cables run below deck, above? How often do they have to tighten or check them?

I'd also love any other information that can give this color. The MC will be a deckhand, so his job duties and the tools/machines he uses would be of great interest. Also: living quarters.

Thank you in advance.
Tags: ~boats and other things that float

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