lyorn (lyorn) wrote in little_details,

Movie kisses

Time: 1980
Place: somewhere in Western Europe
Characters: two 15 or 16 yo girls

I want a character to refer to a movie kiss as in "Well, [actor or character] he [= speaker's crush] isn't, but...".

What actor/character in what movie/scene could she be referring to? Something they'd consider highly romantic with an added dose of "classy" and/or angst.

They have rather mainstream tastes (mostly Hollywood), with some interest in classic movies, and aren't that interested in teen romances or musicals.

I'm romance-challenged and cannot come up with anything that feels right, so I'd be grateful for any ideas.

Searches so far: Browsed the IMDb for inspiration.

Edited to remove redundant word

ETA: Thanks, everyone! I have a much better idea now where to look. The shortlist is now Clark Gable, Cary Grant, Burt Lancester, Warren Beatty. I'm off to the movie sites ....
Tags: ~movies
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