April Vannatta (feasel) wrote in little_details,
April Vannatta

Child custody laws.

I am writing a book set in Georgia, and I need to know some things about custody that I can't seem to find anywhere. Everything I've googled deals with which parent gets custody in divorce cases and so on, but my characters' parents are dead.

Situation: There are six children in a family, two older and the product of the father's first marriage, four MUCH younger and the product of his second. Both the father and the mother of the four younger children die in an accident, and one of their older half-siblings (we'll call her M) gets custody. After a year or two, M's full brother (call him W) discovers that she is abusing them, whereupon he calls the police. M ends up in jail, and W gets custody.

Is it realistic for the childrens' older half-sister to get custody fairly easily after their parents die? And after she goes to jail for abuse, how hard would it be for her brother to get custody if he was clearly capable of taking care of them and they clearly wanted to live with him?

Finally, in my quest to post this here and ONLY here, I also managed to post it in my own journal and another community. Lo, I am stupid.

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