October 2nd, 2020

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Christmas Decorations in Nassau, Bahamas?

Hi everyone! I'm writing a story where two characters from the UK go on a trip (separately) over the Christmas holidays to Nassau and meet each other. I have never been to Nassau myself, especially not during the holidays, and I just wanted to know what sorts of decorating people there do. Both in public spaces as well as in hotels/resorts. I've done my google due diligence ("Christmas in the Bahamas" and other variations gets you a lot of advertisements for trips rather than information on what it's like), looked at the Bahamas tourism website (unfortunately not very helpful, any photos focused mostly on Junkanoo).

I've looked through at least a dozen random people's videos of their trips to the Bahamas for Christmas on YouTube, but none of them really focus on their surroundings since they're more home videos rather than informational, and a lot of them were cruise passengers on ships, and I am more interested in Nassau itself. I did see white lights strung around the trunks of palm trees in the background of one video, but I wasn't sure if that was a specifically Christmas thing or if that restaurant just had lights around their trees.

I do know about the Junkanoo parade and have seen videos of that (very neat!). I just want to know if there's any other decorations. Strings of lights, ornaments, a palm tree Christmas tree to appeal to tourists? Or is it different based on their own culture and less on the traditional Western European idea of Christmas decorating?

Thanks in advance!