August 2nd, 2020


Marriage in 1870 London, how long after the death of the mother? [MOURNING]

Hello peeps.

I turn toward you because I have quite a specific question about mourning rules in Victorian London, and Google hasn't been of much help (too specific of a question, I guess.)

Character A mother dies quite suddenly. "Mother" is survived by her husband and two daughters, let's call them A & B. Upper class family, not aristocratic.
How long after the death of Mother can A be expected to have to marry?

I kinda need her to be married ASAP for the story, but I don't want to encroach on the mourning period (one year for a mother). I'm pretty sure she can't marry during the deep mourning period (first 3 months) or the full mourning period (first 6 months), but could she marry after that? When she hits the half-mourning period (9 months after the death?)

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