July 28th, 2020

Fluffy Vulcan

Pawning/Selling Jewelry in Edwardian England

I'll admit I'm at a loss for how to Google this.

My character is in London in 1904-1905. He's a time-traveler and is carrying some silver and copper jewelry that, while well-made, definitely doesn't fit the fashions of the day. He pawns the pieces (or sells them to a jeweller; I can be flexible on this point). I'm trying to figure out how much he can expect to get in exchange and how long he can make those funds last in terms of # of nights in a room in a boarding house, food, etc.

For the record, I'm picturing some bangles and collars along these lines, or maybe this, minus the gold.

(I'd also like to have the character trying to make sense of shillings and farthings and half-crowns, so while I don't need a precise sum, it would be helpful to know whether he'd be looking at a couple of shillings or a couple of pounds...)