February 24th, 2020

haiku impossible

Javelin hunting - what would be suitable prey to show off?

My setting is fantasy, tech level roughly Dark Ages with some influence from Ancient Greece. There's magic, but it won't be relevant here.
This particular area is similar to a hilly area in Western Europe, and it's winter.

I have a character who's going out hunting alone, using a javelin. She's good with it. I want her to come back to the settlement carrying some sort of prey that would be perfectly reasonable to hunt by some other method, but to get it with a javelin, you've got to be good, preferably in terms of accuracy rather than power. (Yes, I know this is a silly thing for her to want to do. Just take it that she's silly, OK?)

At present, I have no idea what sort of prey one could hunt at all. Rabbits? Deer? Birds in flight?

I've tried searching, with keywords of "javelin hunting prey" and also "thrown spear", and about all I'm finding is warfare, plus a lot of repetition of some modern javelin sports throwers trying out Neanderthal javelin designs.

edit to add a few more half-relevant links
Here's one about a javelin contest that tests accuracy, not mere range