February 4th, 2020

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Understandable Robot/Computer Knowledge Resource?

Hello, all. I am attempting to graduate to the realm of original fiction writing with a near-future dystopic about robots programmed to detect when people who are near death's door have reached the point of no return, thus freeing medical personnel and family members from a daunting decision. The majority of my work will either take place in a near-future hospital or in the corporation that created the robots and the idea behind them. Oh, and in the USA but with a potential for affecting the world.

What I need is a good resource for easily understood robot/computer knowledge that will bog neither me nor my reader(s?) down with technobabble.

So far, I have been reading/listening to similar hardcore sci-fi idea novels, as well as nonfiction regarding being human in an ever-progressing age of artificial intelligence. I just worry that I will end up writing something too close to another's (such as _I, Robot_) and get accused of plagiarism right out of the gate, when in fact my inspiration came from my Alzheimer's victim father and his long-stated DNR wishes until the disease began to confuse his brain.