January 6th, 2020


Search-and-rescue teams looking at night in a snowstorm?

Search attempts: various questions about how search-and-rescue work in general, in the cold, and at night.

Setting: Modern-day, Oregon

I've got a 45-year-old male in healthy condition who was dragged over a cliff in a canyon by a villain. They both fell over a waterfall in a snowstorm at night. His friends were right there and promptly called for help. My understanding of search-and-rescue is that it can't go on during extreme inclement weather at night, so the story has the rescue teams come and try to look a bit but be unable to do much until the next day. It continues snowing throughout the day and into the next night. Since the man is very likely dead from the fall over the waterfall and the weather is blizzard conditions, my question is whether the search-and-rescue teams would try to look at night anyway since if he is alive, finding him soon would be of the utmost importance. I am baffled that I haven't been able to find out anything on the matter with various search terms. Thank you!