November 24th, 2019

Fluffy Vulcan

Plausible non-life-threatening injuries from 8-10-foot fall, followed by additional plummet.

Not really sure how to Google this; I'm flipping through the injuries-to-order tag. It's weirdly specific.

Timeline: Pretty much present-day. 2016 or so.

We have a middle-aged man in decent health but not-so-great physical shape trying to climb up an elevator shaft after the car was wedged between floors. He's using a rope, slips, tries to hang on, wrenches his shoulder in the process and falls about 5-8 feet to land on the roof of the elevator car, which then falls about 10-12 feet more.

I want him to survive and not be permanently disabled. Besides the wrenched/dislocated shoulder, bruises etc., probably a concussion, what else would be believable?