February 25th, 2019

Medieval (12th century) outbreak of mystery disease (malaria ?)

Already searched : “medieval illness/disease”, “medieval  epidemics”, “epidemics”, etc + the various diseases that presented  themselves during those searches but without much success for my  specific set of requirements. So I turn to you lovely people for help  ...  

Setting : Medieval (late 12th century) - Middle east (present day Lebanon) in a big city along the coast

Hello everybody,

I need a disease which can hit my medieval middle eastern city and kill a portion of its inhabitants.

Here my various criterias :

The  outbreaks starts in mid/late June, peaks in July and August and is  mostly gone by the end of August with a few people still dying in early  September.  

I don't want to wipe them out. I just need something which would cause a significant number of person to die but leave enough people alive so that society doesn't crumble  (let say a third/half the population gets it and about half / two  thirds of the sick people die but I'm really not fussy with number,  basically enough to be noticeable and worrying enough for people to  leave the city and be scared of catching it but something from which  they rebound easily enough without much consequences beside the loss of  family members/friends.)

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