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Rape and the direct aftermath

When: Present Time
Where: Okinawa, Japan (though some characters involved are fairly American and act the part)

God, I hope I've lurked enough for this.

Currently, I'm working on a rather cheerful piece, as one can see. Might as well hop right into it.

At the beginning of the story, the female main character was discovered, badly injured, by a family member and taken to her family's private physician (which, actually, will probably affect the answer to this question). Upon examination, the doctor finds indications that the main character had been raped. However, the girl doesn't seem to recall anything, possibly because of repression and denial.

First question: What would the doctor most likely do in this situation? Would she be able to inform the girl's family, or would that conflict with doctor-patient confidentiality agreements? Would being the family's private doctor (and a close friend, besides) change this at all? Also, is there any particular way she would tell the family, if she were allowed (what language would she use, would she try to ease them into it, etc)?

Edit: Question posted, removed, the reposted to fit with community standards. I did get an answer, though, after a bit more research revealed everything I needed. Thanks, guys!

Question the second: After a time, it becomes clear that the main character was raped while unconcious. After searching for situations such as this (under "rape victim unconcious" and "coma patients sexual assault"), while I did find a lot of information, there wasn't much available about how this affected the victim's mindset after the fact. In a situation such as this, would the main character possibly feel the after effects of the rape less severely, or would it be roughly the same as if she were conscious? (If this is too broad and character-specific, please let me know).

Question 3A: After finding out what has happened, the main character's significant other goes through serious guilt over the fact that he wasn't able to protect her. Is this common and, if so, does it commonly require treatment to resolve?

Question 3B: What are some common steps a couple could take when one of them is recovering from rape? Specifically, what are the common steps taken by couples who wish to be intimate again? (Again, if this is too character specific, please let me know).

Searched under: rape victim significant other, rape victim significant other guilt

You know what? If any of these are too character specific, please let me know. I know how much of a problem that can be when talking about these kinds of topics.
Tags: ~sexual abuse & assault

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