August 13th, 2018

Need an injury that serious but not deadly for a trapped character

Setting: Urban (? It’s see in essentially our world) Fantasy —> there’s magically healing via potions but they’re not super effective I’m mostly using it as a way to avoid writing hospitals every time a character gets injured 

Relevant Character: Male, Late 20s in good shape.

The Plot Point: What I need to happen is that one of my main characters (henceforth known as MC) gets injured and then trapped in a small room (actually what’s basically a pocket dimension my characters have been using for storage) for a period of time. The injury is the reason he’s in the room (he went in their voluntarily to avoid slowing the group down) and him being trapped is my action point for the next segment of plot so the two factors are crucial but I’m flexible/trying to figure out the details.

Detailed questions:

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