it's gonna be monster splendid! (oritsu_luv) wrote in little_details,
it's gonna be monster splendid!

Lovelife for the son of an MP?

Setting: London, Present Day
Searched: wikipedia (house of commons, also various members by name), googled (house of commons)

My MC is the son of a Member of the House of Commons, which I'm assuming would make him from an older, upper class family, quite proper and all that. His girlfriend is the daughter of a famous rock star, so she has money (they met at public school, she's now going to art school) but her family is of not upper class origins. (Which, actually are a bit difficult, as her father is an American, although he's lived in London since before she was born.) Not only that, but she is rather infamous, a unique dresser (mostly a mix of party dresses with punk accessories), has some tattoos, and also a tendency to wind up in the tabloids (often linked to various different guys) for being drunk and generally partying a bit too hard. How much resistance is my MC likely to get from his family, both as the son in an upper class family, and as the son of an MP (I believe that's the correct term?)?
Tags: uk: nobility

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