September 28th, 2017

Vlad and kitty

City power outage due to something big hogging all the power? Post apocalypse power grid?

Hey friends! Today I need to know about city power!

For a little bit of background and context, I've been working on worldbuilding for a personal fancomic; the fandom is Danny Phantom. In the show, the main family has a big Ghost Shield they can throw up around a section of the city to protect it from ghosts. In my story, it's kind of post-apocalypse-lite, and the Ghost Shield is up permanently, and most of the "surviving" cityfolk live under it. This has been the situation for around five years, with no warning beforehand so no chance to think longterm.

The time is present-day-ish, if that helps, I think the city is located around the mid-west area (It's never stated in-show but they're able to drive to Wisconsin, so...)

My question is... how does this actually work? A major plot point in the late story is that they run out of power, but is that feasible? Or is it the opposite, and it's farfetched that power has lasted five years without any real city economy? How long could a good-sized city continue to use its power, or would they instantaneously lose it? If the rest of the city has been (somewhat voluntarily) dark for the past five years, what happens to that power? Could they siphon it, or does it get used naturally even though no one has been using it? Honestly, any and all information about stuff like that would help.

I hope I'm making sense. This stuff is way outside my knowledge and I've never really had to think about it before. I can try to elaborate further if need be.

I haven't really googled anything because I don't really know WHAT to google? I feel like I always turn to this comm when I have no idea what to even google, lol, apologies (Also apologies if I used inappropriate tags, I tried my best)

Thank you!!