June 20th, 2017

val: you have a heart of ice cream

hiding places in/around american hospitals

When: Modern day, realistic
Where: Non-specified major American city

Characters A and B are nurses in a large hospital. Character A has to hide a small, physical object (a jump drive about the size of a lipstick) quickly in or around the hospital where they work, and she decides to entrust it to Character B, but she does not have time to meet him in person for the transfer, or even to contact him to tell him to look for it. She needs to be reasonably sure that it will reach him relatively quickly and not be intercepted by someone else (staff, patient, police, etc.). I need him to get/find it days to weeks after she hides/sends it, and while there can exist the possibility that someone else would have come across it before he gets to it, I need her to be sure that what she's doing is safe. I thought about some sort of internal mail system, but (a) that's not going to cause the delay I need, and (b) I think she would consider that too risky re: interception. I thought about her hiding it in some sort of machine/monitor in a patient's room, but I think (a) that does not seem very safe, and she has to think it's safe, and (b) there's only a small chance that he'll come across it quickly.

I went through the usa: health care and hospitals tag in this community, and did Internet searches on variations of hospital hiding places, hospital internal mail, hospital internal mailboxes, hospital nurse communication, hiding something in a hospital, etc., and there's nothing even close to what I'm looking for. (Most of the results are about either email or person-to-person verbal communication.)

I very much appreciate your help.