June 17th, 2017

A deceased tenant's property

Hello! I need some information for a mystery novel. It's set in Europe, modern time, but it's an AU, so I only need to be convincing, without any specifics related to a particular country.

The question is: who takes charge of the property of a deceased tenant if the house he rented is a part of a big commercial residential complex? It's more or less clear what a landlord of a single apartment does in this case (and the process is almost the same in different countries). When I google "deceased tenant's property", I get a lot of instructions for individual landlords. But what about a large housing corporation? Who, among the staff, will take care of all the formalities, notify the dead man's relatives, store his property, etc? Will it be one person, or will different people take care of different stages of the process? Will they be in contact with the relatives directly, or will they need lawyers? On the whole, how will everything be organized in a big company?