May 9th, 2017

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Sick food in Australia

This should be an easy one, I'm hoping. What do you eat when you're sick? Or better yet, if a child/friend is sick, what might be something you could make them?

I searched "Australian comfort food" and "Australian sick food", "food for a sick person Australia" and various, but my results were kinda weird and I'm hoping to get some answers from some actual Australians. I'm hoping there'll be something I can use that isn't something I'd find in America (chicken soup, saltines, things of that nature).

Setting is present day... Japan, actually, but the non-sick character lived in Australia for several years (when he was a kid, so something his host parents would have given him).

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Thank you everyone for your input! It was very much appreciated, as always. I think I'm going to go with Japanese comfort food after all, but I'll just work the Australia part into it.
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another medieval resource

Is your main character a peasant farmer? Or maybe you just want to have some farming activity going on in the background? Make sure the correct activity is happening at the correct time of year with this:

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